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Monday, September 16 2019

Biohazard Waste removalDealing with the medical waste can be a tricky task since the waste generated at hospitals and clinics are itself contaminated with harmful bacteria and pathogens. Dumping it without any treatment or proper management can lead to several other health-related trouble for others. It can harm the environment as well and sometimes the damage is more deep-rooted and it takes years to reverse the adverse effect done with the Biohazard waste. If you run a hospital and wondering how to deal with the everyday Biohazard waste generated at your hospital then Secure Waste Disposal can come to your rescue.

What is Biohazard waste?

Waste that contains blood and blood products, sharp items like syringe, surgical blades, culture, and infectious material, pathological waste, microbiological waste, animal carcass, and potentially infectious waste falls under Biohazard waste. Such waste material is generated at places such as hospitals, clinics, blood bank, and veterinary clinics. It is crucial to deal with Biohazard disposal safely. Healthcare workers, patients, waste collection and disposal staff are more prone to get infected by the Biohazard waste.

How to deal with medical waste?

Most of the hospitals, clinics, and pathologies put a container for collecting medical waste. Different types of bin are placed for putting different types of medical waste so that they can get treated and disposed of easily and safely.

The Medical staff and health workers know how to use the different color container for putting different types of waste. But the general public might be unaware of color codes assigned for different types of medical waste. It is suggested to put a regular waste bin next to the medical waste bin so that a general public can use the bin in a proper way.

Make sure regular waste bin gets emptied regularly so that people can throw garbage in an assigned bin.

Put signage near the bin and educate people. Put signage in popular languages so that people can understand how to use it.

Put personal waste bin near each patient’s bed so that patient and their family can throw waste in the right bin.

Design a formal waste management plan for hospital and clinics. Educate the staff and work with a professional and reliable waste management firm to get rid of medical waste and Biohazard waste safely.

Put More Emphasis on Reusable Medical Item:

The growing quantity of medical waste is a growing concern. Many items can be reused after sterilizations. Try to buy re-usable products. Read state regulations and state policy and invest in reusable items.

Categories of Biohazard waste

Medical waste can be classified into 6 categories:

Sharps: Needles, broken glass, blades, razors, etc. such wasteshould keep in a red sharp container.

Biohazard: Infectious waste, blood products, cultures, IV tubing, categorized for red liner containers.

Trace chemo: Empty vials, needles, gown, gloves, tubing, apron, wipe, and packaging. Categorized for yellow container.

RCRA Hazard: Hazardous medicines, half dose, bulk medicines, bulk chemo should go in the black container.

Pharmaceutical: Pills, injections, antibiotics should go in a blue container.

Radioactive: Items such as Fluorine, iodine, cobalt, iridium, etc., should go in a shielded container with a radioactive symbol.

Most of the hospitals, clinics as well as Biohazard waste removal service providers follow the international standard for dealing with the Biohazard waste. It is crucial to segregate medical waste on its types and put them in a right container.

Work with the professional Biohazard waste removal service provider as they are trained for dealing with the medical waste. They follow safety instructions to dispose of medical waste in a safe way.

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5 ways of treating medical waste:

Incineration: It is used when dealing with pathological waste and pharmaceutical waste.

Thermal: Thermal or autoclaving is suitable when dealing with sharp waste and infectious waste.

Irradiative: Irradiative or microwave waste disposal method is used when disposing of sharp waste and infectious waste.

Chemical: It is used for settling chemical waste and liquid waste.

Biological: This method is still new it is rarely used for treating medical waste. The proper disposal of medical waste is essential for the safety of the environment as well as for the safety of planet earth as well.

Handling medical waste is a tough job. Connect with professional agencies like Secure Waste for the professional and safe disposal of medical waste. Work with the experienced and professional service providers and keep your hospital and health centres clean and hygienic.

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